Islands Laboratory is a unique initiative that will provide information and an electronic toolbox to analyse and interpret islands data and assess sustainable solutions for islands. This website will promote collaboration and the dissemination of our research findings, and allow researchers from other institutes to engage in island research. 

Methods we adopted include energy systems dynamic models, agent based modelling, optimisation and simulation based models, survey design and innovative data collection techniques, big data handling, GIS, data visualisation and so on. 

UCL researchers focus on two major research facilities:

  • Islands data portal providing a compilation of various data and analysis of case studies for islands worldwide to support research, education and policy

  • Long-term analysis in islands worldwide through use of a dynamic model (ISLA model)

  • Supported by Sankey diagrams to visualise the changes and provides a comprehensive guide of possible solutions on islands.

It will put together the currently disparate information and integrate modelling approaches. Researchers from different disciplines, such as computer science, engineering, mathematics, economics, social science, architecture merge their powers to deliver cutting edge research regarding the technology, data, business models, resource efficiency, innovative approaches for islands. 

Since 2013 we have analysed  more than 178 island nations worldwide including Anglesey, Ap Lei Chau, Azores Archipelago, Balearic Islands, Bermuda, Belle-Ile-En-Mer, Bornholm, Cook Islands, Corsica, Cape Verde, Curacao Island, Fayal, Gotland, Gozo, Gran Canaria, Guam, Fiji, Guadalupe, Galapagos Islands, Guland, Hainan,  Hawaii, Hayling Island, Holy Island Isle of Wight, Jamaica, Island of Kos, Isle of Anglesey, Isle of Sheppey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Kiribati Islands, Lesbos Island, Lantau Island, Lolland, Mallorca, Madagascar, Madeira Archipelago, Martinique, Northern Mariana Islands, Nauru, New Caledonia, La Reunion, Orkney, Penghu, Penang, Rugen, Sardinia, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Samothrace, Taipa, Tahiti, Tasmania, Tenerife,  Texel, Tokelau, Tsing Yi, Tuvalu, Zakynthos, Zhongshan, Xiamen, Walney Island and so on. Create a global directory of analysis for islands for energy and resource use, giving their geographical, economic, environmental and social characteristics. 

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Islands Laboratory is formed of multidisciplinary researchers coming from different backgrounds (economics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, architecture, social science, anthropology, biology)


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