Islands Laboratory Sustainability Index

We created the Islands Laboratory Sustainable Index to assess the readiness of islands for the implementation of sustainable solutions. Various characteristics which affect the likelihood of a successful Islands Laboratory implementation are assessed to determine an aggregate score showing how ready an island is to implement sustainable solutions. The calculator can be used to demonstrate what improvements are needed to make an island sustainable. Scores can be compared across islands with similar characteristics, showing where the greatest impact can be me made. 


How it works

The dimension and sub-dimensions included in the index were identified through a comprehensive literature review and elicitation with Islands experts and practitioners. The index is made up of five broad dimensions:

  • Data 

  • Policy, regulation and legislation

  • Citizen familiarity and willingness

  • ICT infrastructure

  • Services and infrastructure

If you are interested in our Islands Maturity Index tool for your islands, get in touch with the Head of Islands Laboratory Dr Catalina Spataru