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Catalina Spataru

Founder and Head of Islands Laboratory
Associate Professor Global Energy and Resources
Energy, Environment, Resource Nexus, Sustainability, Strategy

Catalina is an expert in the whole energy system and resource nexus modelling, scenarios and business models, implementation of practical solutions at the ground and innovation. Catalina's research interests revolve around energy - resource nexus - climate change - environment, interdisciplinary issues in island nations, with great interest in green artificial islands design. She developed several mathematical models to inform policy and decision makers on where investments should be made, scenario analysis under different climate conditions, disaster risk reduction and resilience.

Eleni Zafeiratou

Energy Systems Modelling, Demand management, Electric vehicles

Eleni is a Knowledge Management officer at Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking and a part time Phd student at UCL Energy Institute. Her research is on the impact of future interconnections, demand management and electric vehicles integration in the Greek Islands. Eleni has experience in data collection and management, energy modelling and renewable energy projects development.

Priscila Carvalho

Water-energy nexus, regulation, resource governance, SDGs

Priscila' expertise focuses on water-energy nexus and regulatory frameworks. She is a lawyer with experience in energy and environmental laws and is currently doctoral researcher at UCL Energy Institute. She works on metrics, questionnaires, interviews with a focus on the SDG agenda, governance and justice for water-energy nexus.

Selman Sevindik

Energy, Materials, Low Carbon Technologies, Life Cycle Assessment, Design, Circular economy

Selman's work focuses on energy, building materials, technologies and a circular vision for sustainable growth in the built environment in islands and cities. He has a background in architecture and environmental design and engineering. He is currently a PhD student at Energy Institute.

Mustafa Saglam

Energy, Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Electrical Engineering

Mustafa' research focuses on techno-economic analysis of renewable energy, storage and interconnections in Turkish islands. He has a background in electrical and electronic engineering.

Chris Matthew

Energy Systems Modelling, Waste to Energy

Chris has a background in mechanical engineering, focusing on traditional renewables as well as emerging ocean-based sources. He is currently researching for his PhD, focusing on the potential for transforming the Scottish islands into ircular energy and resource hubs, considering optimal energy and resource balances alongside circular economy principles for clusters of islands.

Daisy de Selliers

Corporate Governance, Resource Governance, Water-Energy-Materials Nexus, SDGs

Daisy's research focuses on the contribution of industries to sustainable development. She studies the management of energy, natural resources and environmental impacts with corporations, and the integration of sustainability in corporate strategy and decision-making processes. She will include case studies of companies operating on island in Europe. She has a background in management engineering and quantitative techniques for decision-making.

Stacey Wells-Moultrie

Energy, Sustainability

Stacey is an Environmental Planner with SEV Consulting Group. Her research is on achieving sustainability and energy reform in the islands of The Bahamas. Her background is in marine biology, environmental and conservation planning, and sustainability indicators.

Past Research Collaborators

Tola Adeoye

Energy Systems Modelling, Power Engineering, Hydropower, SDGs

Tola's research focuses on the development of interconnections and a regional electricity market in West Africa in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. She has a background in power systems engineering, with several years of experience in sustainable building services designs.

Dimitrios Angeletos

Engineering, Life-cycle assessment, Electric Vehicles

Dimitri is a mechanical/environmental engineer with experience on the design and dimensioning of an electric sport car concept. His current research is on the electrification of transportation in the Greek Islands, analysing the potential environmental and financial benefits.

Luiza Potter Haussen

Energy efficiency, Renewable Energy, Resource Management

Luiza has 8 years' experience working with energy use in the built environment, sustainable design and renewable energy implementation. She has worked mainly in hospitality, healthcare and telecom sectors. Her academic research focuses in energy modelling, data analysis and resource planning for islands.

Julia Lucchese

Energy resources, SDGs, Circular economy

Julia is an architect with experience in energy, resources and sustainability focusing on the built environment and materials, mining. Julia has experience in empirical case studies, data management, visualisation, mapping SDGs for energy-materials nexus.

Visiting Researchers

Past Research Collaborators

Xiaojing Lyu

Energy Internet, Integrated design, Modelling of low-carbon energy systems; Thermal power systems

Jing is an Assistant Professor in China-UK Low Carbon College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. Her research mainly focuses on the integrated design, modelling and simulation of multi-energy complementary systems based on gas turbine, fuel cell and renewable energy generation systems. She has experience in projects of Energy Internet, Distributed Energy Systems of solar, wind, biomass and fossil fuels.

Past Research Collaborators

Emily Mancuso

Mechanical Engineering, Energy Systems Analysis, Mechanics Based Design

Emily did her undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, studying mechanical engineering. While she visited UCL she contributed by analysing interconnections of electrical grids in the Caribbean.

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