UCL Islands Laboratory' website launch and of the book "Transitioning Island Nations into Sustainable Energy Hubs" took place on 22nd of October 2018. 

The founder and the head of the lab, Catalina Spataru Associate Professor Global Energy and Resources, presented new research perspective and initiative. Raimund Bleischwitz Professor in Sustainable Global Resources and BSEER Director together with Dominic Rassool, Policy and finance senior consultant at Global CCS Institute and Eleni Zafeiratou KMO at FCH JU acted as discussants. Key topics include: What research areas are relevant of sustainable islands? What is in it for broader sustainability research and stakeholders on the SDG agenda?

The author of Transitioning Island Nations into Sustainable Energy Hubs will talk through the book, providing an interdisciplinary approach and insights to current research and opportunities and into the type of changes need to be made to make islands the "Energy Hubs" of the future, the "Hottest Energy Centred Points", the "Golden Spots" for sustainability.  

Catalina Spataru Head of Islands Laboratory attends the SJTU-UCL Research & Teaching Workshop on Circular Economy & Low Carbon in Shanghai, China

Catalina Spataru together with colleagues at UCL (Raimund Bleischwitz, Julia Stegemann, Helena Titheridge, Tohid Erfani, Albert Brossard, Aiduan Boron and Charente Chau), attends the SJTU-UCL Research & Teaching Workshop on Circular Economy and Low Carbon in Shanghai China in November 2018. The event is organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The purpose of the workshop was to develop collaborative ideas and share/exchange expertise on research and teaching including technologies, mobility, energy and water, circular economy. 

Catalina presented the work done part of Islands Laboratory and the collaborative work done with her colleague Mark Barrett on cities. There are many synergies between islands and cities, and methodologies which could be utilised. Click here to see the presentations. 

Our Monthly Seminars

We started our monthly seminars in August 2018. The purpose of monthly seminars (Aug 2018 - August 2019) were to discuss

collaborative research topics, methodological approaches, integration and innovation. 

Catalina Spataru and Eleni Zafeiratou attends the Smart Islands Event 

Catalina Spataru and Eleni Zafeiratou attends the Smart Islands Event  - Creating new pathways for EU islands in the European Parliament on March 2017 in Brussels. The event is organized by European island local and regional authorities and hosted by a group of MEPs representing countries with islands. The purpose of the Smart Islands Initiative is to present among EU stakeholders the Smart Islands Initiative which is currently supported by more than 100 island authorities from 13 countries and European organizations.

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