Green Energy and Finance
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Greek Non-Interconnected Islands (2013-2022)

Enhancing Effective Implementation of Renewable Energy Sources on the Greek Non-interconnected Islanding Region 

The main objective of this research project is to examine the impact of interconnection plans in parallel with high RES deployment on the Greek electricity system under the Energy Trilemma Index. Scenarios are assessed for optimal combination of resources, electricity generation technologies, energy storage, electric vehicles and submarine interconnections while applying demand side response management.

Turkish Islands (2018-2022)

Techno-economic assessment of Renewables Integration in islands in Turkey 

This study aims to examine the impact of increase of renewable energy in three regional islands in Turkey. Various scenarios will be assessed for optimal combination of electricity generation, energy storage, electric vehicles, submarine interconnections and demand management. Furthermore this study targets to assess the technical reliability of renewable energy integrations in these islands.