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Mark Barrett

Professor of Energy and Environmental Systems

Mark is an expert in energy systems modelling, developing policies for energy demand and supply systems, and transport systems so as to meet environmental, economic and energy objectives. He is a Professor of Energy and Environmental Systems Modelling at UCL Energy Institute

Raimund Bleischwitz

Chair in Sustainable Global Resources

Raimund is an expert in pathways towards maintaining the physical basis of society and socio-economic values in the long term, and develops methods for analysing, evaluating and managing material flows and resources. 

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Alvaro Calzadilla Rivera

Associate Professor

Alvaro specializes in macro-economic modelling. He has worked extensively with global computa

general equilibrium (CGE) models applied to the analysis of water resources, agricultural policies, land use and bioenenrgy policies, climate change. 


Teresa Domenech

Lecturer in Industrial Ecology and the Circular Economy

Teresa is an expert in industrial symbiosis, sustainability, circular economy, urban metabolism, environmental policy, with experience on research methods including Material Flow Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment, Statistical analysis, social network analysis

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Paul Ekins

Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy

Paul's academic work focuses on the conditions and policies for achieving an

environmentally sustainable economy

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Priti Parikh

Senior Lecturer

Priti has expertise in infrastructure (water, sanitation and energy) for resource constrained settings suc as slums and rulra communities in Africa and Asia. She has substantial industry experience in India and also a research based in infrastructure planning for cities to cover the areas of financial planning, institutional frameworks and societal impact.

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Neil Strachan

Professor in Energy Economics and Modelling

Neil is an interdisciplinary energy economist. Neil's research interests revolve around energy-environment-economic modelling, the quantification of scenarios and transitions pathways, and interdisciplinary issues in energy economics and policy