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The Islands Research Laboratory studies innovative solutions for adaptation to climate change and accelerating the circular economy. We collect data, analyse, visualise, map, model whole energy system of an island, assess future scenarios under different climatic conditions, model water-energy-land-food-materials nexus and trade-offs in a resilient, secure and sustainable environment, disaster risk reduction and resilience, together with adequate business models, regulations and policies. 

​Islands Laboratory at UCL aims to provide in-depth insights and guidance about islands research and sustainable solutions for islands nations worldwide to industry and public sector.

Our expertise

Islands Laboratory explores

  • Energy demand and supply profiles 

  • Planning and operation of low carbon energy systems and technologies; 

  • Interconnected islands and interconnection between islands and mainland effects; 

  • Renewable energy, water desalination; energy from waste; hydrogen; biogas

  • Material flow and carbon footprint analysis of waste management 

  • Plastic in oceans 

  • Real time location systems for people and resource tracking in case of disasters; resource allocation

  • Business models and services; Social and environmental impacts; Wellbeing; 

  • Policy and regulations; 

  • Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Its expertise lies on a diverse use of modelling techniques, consisting of integrative complex systems modelling approaches and data collection methods to capture the dynamic interaction between resource use; provide insights into the effects and likely impacts of policy measures and the assessment of monitoring the SDGs progress in island' nations.

Our activities and methodological approaches aim synergies with the low carbon and smart cities vision. We work closely with companies, public sectors, islanders to transfer our research outcomes to the real world. 

Researchers from different disciplines, such as energy, environment, computer science, mathematics, economics, social science, anthropology, architecture merge their powers to deliver cutting edge research regarding the technology, the data, the business models needed for islands, island cities and artificial islands.

About Us

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Islands Laboratory is formed of multidisciplinary researchers coming from different backgrounds (economics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, architecture, social science, anthropology, biology)


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