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The Islands Laboratory studies innovative solutions to tackle climate change and assess possible scenarios for disasters risk reduction and resilience. 

Islands Laboratory aims to provide: 

        - in-depth insights and guidance about energy, sustainable use of natural resources for islands nations worldwide to industry and public sector, decision makers and policies, businesses and investors.

         - in-depth insights in transforming islands into sustainable circular hubs to accelerate the transition to a circular economy

         - insights and guidance for post-disaster risk management both man-made (e.g. waste) and natural disasters (e.g droughts, heatwaves, floods)

       - training for professionals and students through an interdisciplinary approach to the economics, policies and strategies of energy and sustainable resources from experts in the areas of the energy, environment, circular economy, resource efficiency, governance, disasters risk reduction and management. 

Through our approach you will understand essential connections between energy, the environment, the economy and society, and how to research them.

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About Us

Islands Laboratory is formed of multidisciplinary researchers coming from different backgrounds (economics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, architecture, social science, anthropology, biology)


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